Quick Overview


For normal hair. SEBAS PERM LOTION HEAT with the advanced technology that can make your hair to be curly quickly and long-lasting hold.  Extracted from natural herb with abundant nutrients, this product is ideal for different kinds of hair. SEBAS PERM LOTION HEAT will give you gorgeous curl for bouncy and shiny look. 





1.    Use the comb to apply SEBAS PERM LOTION to the hair which has just been rinsed well and dryed. Leaving in 15-30 mins based on hair’s elasticity.

2.   Check hair’s elasticity, when it gains its peak, spray water to the hair to create  hair’s moisuture. Leaving in 3-5 mins, rinse well, use DUAL MILK to spray thoroughly to the hair and blow-dryed with remaining 30% of  moisture.

3.   Use hair roller to roll each curl of hair, then use the curling machine to heat the hair

            For strong hair: leaving in 30 mins

            For weak hair  : leaving in 20-25 mins

4.    When this process is finished, taking  the curling machine off the roller.


1.      Continue to applying neutralizing cream to hair roller.

2.      Leave in 10-20 mins based on various kinds of hair.

3.      Take off the hair roller, try not to pull the curl of hair drastically. Gently massage the hair about 5 mins.

4.      Rinse well by warm water

5.      Dry hair and design hair style.


  • Wear suitable gloves.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Do not use metal bowl.
  • Keep in dry, cold place. Keep out of reach of children.